Do you charge extra for medication administration?

 Nope! We can give oral or inject-able medication, included in your visit or stay. 


What are your Cancellation Fees/Deposits?

 We do not charge Cancellation Fees for single Visits or Walks as long as you request the change on your Schedule before noon on the day before. Otherwise, we do expect the total visit amount.
We charge 25% of your vacation reservation that is cancelled within 48 hours before the start time. If cancelled within 24 hours, we charge the full amount for the first day of service, then 25% of the remaining reservation.
We ask for a 50% deposit for Overnight Reservations. If cancelled before 1 week of start time, non-transferable credit can be applied towards future services (Expires 12 months from date credit applied). If cancelled within 1 week of start time, deposit is nonrefundable.
We ask for a 50%  deposit (nonrefundable) for reservations over Holidays & Holiday Weekends (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving through the following Sunday, & December 22nd through January 2nd). There is also a holiday surcharge of $5/visit and $10/overnight stay for Holidays (including Holiday Weekends).


What is Ready-Key Enrollment?

 Ready-Key Enrollment is a complimentary program where you allow BAYSHORE PETSITTING AND MORE to securely hold your key for future visits.
At your Meet & Greet, we pick up 2 sets of keys for your first visit, and offer free return. For following visits, there is a $10 pick-up fee. Save and leave your key with BAYSHORE PETSITTING AND MORE! 



 Can I tip my dog walker/ pet sitter?
Of course! While pet sitters appreciate a tip it isn’t absolutely necessary. We care for your pets with a great deal of love, and frequently go “above and beyond” the call of duty. We Pawsitively appreciate our customers.
Daily Visits
If you are going out of town for more than 24 hours, we schedule a minimum of 1 visit per day (even suggest for cats too!). Here’s why!  For the safety and wellness of your pets and ability to check-in on your property and home, we will not contract for non-consecutive day (skipping days) services.
Aggressive or Unvaccinated Pet Policy
For our safety and that of other people and animals, we reserve the right to refuse any services if you own an aggressive or unvaccinated pet.  This includes proper vaccinations for indoor-outdoor cats. All pets also need to be seen by their veterinarian annually. 



 Advance Notice:
We prefer a minimum of 24 hours advance notice for visits, 48 hours notice for overnights, and 7 days for Holidays. If available, we will do our best to work with you for short notice reservations.
A Convenience Fee of $10 may be assessed for same-day reservations.
Proper planning is essential for providing the best care!
Due to the variable schedules of our clients, and the mobile nature of our service, we cannot guarantee specific visit times. We make an effort to be with your pet within 1-2 hours of the desired time frame.
You set up with predetermined Time Blocks for Morning, Mid-Day, Evening, and Overnight for scheduling purposes.

Most Vacation Visits will average 30 minutes. For very affectionate or high-energy pets, we can choose the longer Vacation Visits (approximately an hour). Please remember that the length of a visit will vary. Cats that hide the entire visit, small caged exotic pets, or birds often times do NOT take up a full 30 minutes. Some dog visits may also be less than 30 minutes if the dog was uncooperative, unfriendly, or not interested in anything more than food, water, treats, and a walk. Also, circumstances beyond the control of the pet care provider may cause delay and visits will have to be shorted to ensure that each pet is visited on time. 


Help Your Sitter


  • ​Have plenty of food and medications on hand.
  • Purchase extra kitty litter.
  • Put all pet supplies out in one area in plain sight. Leashes, bowls, treats, foods, medications, litter, cleaning supplies- broom, dustpan, vacuum, paper towels, carpet cleaner, plastic bags, watering cans, extra bedding, towels to wipe wet paws, etc.
  • Clearly label medication instructions and schedule.
  • Leave a well worn T-shirt with your comforting scent.
  • Schedule interview at medication time if possible, so that the sitter can witness your routine.
  • In multi-pet households, photos of each pet labeled with names placed in a file folder with medical records.
  • Tell the truth- don't hedge about aggression or biting history. Forewarned is forearmed.
  • Update emergency information and any changes in pet routine.
  • Make sure all animals' collars have current tags.
  • Have all emergency numbers (the way to reach you or a trusted friend in case of emergency, and your vet's number) written on a single sheet of paper in plain view.
  • Call your pet sitter as soon as you get back home. This way your sitter knows that you are safe and your pets are being taken care of by you.
  • Be sure your instructions are clear and comprehensive